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Welcome to my Web site!

I am a Vice President & Portfolio Manager with BlackRock in Houston Texas.

Prior to joining BlackRock, I formerly managed some private hedge funds as well as produced quantitative research for hedge funds and fund of funds which included the analyzing and back-testing of various investment strategies.

I am also a former Vice President-Portfolio Manager of Frost National Bank (Cullen-Frost CFR-NYSE).  While at Frost I served as Chair of the investment strategy and performance committee, which consisted of 28 portfolio managers and analysts that oversaw asset allocation and equity selection for over 12 billion in trust and agency assets.  I researched and developed a proprietary sector and industry classification pyramid and model, which was delivered through the INSYNC trading platform to mutual fund organizations such as Fidelity, AIM, T. Rowe Price.  This sector & industry pyramid was used in a quantitative model to fundamentally and technically rank industry groups and their constituents used in the asset management process.

I have been quoted in Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the local press.  Currently I serve on the Market Technicians Association annual award committee, which selects those who have made outstanding contributions to the field of quantitative and technical analysis.

I am a member and former Director of the Market Technicians Association and hold the Chartered Market Technician, CMT designation.  I am also a member of the CFA Institute.


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